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The University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) is a public institution established in year 2000 located at La
Tour Koenig, Pointe-aux-Sables, Port-Louis, Mauritius. Our purpose is to increase access to higher education
through quality international programmes to build an innovative and sustainable future together. The UTM has
over 3000 students and aspires to be a key regional player in the Tertiary Education.
UTM has four schools the School of Business, Management and Finance (SBMF), the School of Sustainable
Development and Tourism (SSDT), the School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering (SITE) and the School of Health Sciences (SHS) which all have close links with public and private sector organisations. We have recently launched an MSc AI & Machine Learning.
UTM offers a range of comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes and is developing new programmes in key areas of science and technology including health and medical sciences, green/smart innovative technologies. It is also the awarding body for programmes of local institutions like Fashion and Design Institute, Mauritius Institute of Education and Anna Medical College. It boasts dedicated teams of academics and administrative staff striving for the welfare of our students. Our academics are involved in teaching as well as research with international publications and research grants. Many staff are PhD holders while others are pursuing their doctoral studies. The UTM invests in staff development.
To ensure the quality and high standard of programmes UTM deploys a range of local and overseas lecturers
who act as module leaders, external moderators and PhD supervisors. Programmes and regulations are regularly updated to reflect worldwide trends and mapped against the ECTS. Our University is committed to preparing students for employment and personal development, supporting the development of sustainable practices in view of meeting the ever growing demand of the local market. All programmes have lecturers from local business industries in order to ensure programmes are recent, relevant and up to date.
UTM strongly believes in strategic partnerships and schools will strive to develop international alliances as well as increase local linkages with industry, government and educational institutions.
UTM has a strong desire to expand its teaching and research capacity and provide even greater service to the
community and to the world. It will continue to strive for quality teaching and research, to provide services to the community, to develop highly-qualified personnel for our industries and employers, and to respond to the changing needs of students, employers, and the community at large. UTM is confident in its adoption of best blended learning pedagogical practices.
UTM is committed to ensuring that students have a fulfilling and intellectually stimulating experience that prepares them for worldwide opportunities. Come and join our UTM family.


March and August every year


Please check our individual courses for more information on the fees.

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                                                                             (+230) 207 5250