South Africa

If you want to experience life in one of the most diverse and complex countries in the world, you may choose to study in South Africa. Since the 1990s, following legislation changes to overturn decades of enforced racial segregation, South Africa has made significant progress in developing a more democratic society, in which diversity is celebrated as a central part of the national identity. There are, for example, eleven official languages (only Bolivia and India have more), and the country is nicknamed the “rainbow nation” – a symbol of its unique multicultural character.

There are still many problems to be addressed in South Africa, including high rates of violent crime, poverty and HIV/AIDS infection. But the country excels in many areas, both natural and social – and higher education is certainly emerging as one of its key strengths.

The tuition fees vary from institution to institution. It is approximately R12 000 for undergraduate programs and for post graduate programs it is R22 000 for per year. The cost of living is approximately R 8000 per month which is inclusive of accommodation, food, utility bills and travel. Please note that these are indicative prices and will vary depending on lifestyle.

For information about the South Africa Study Permit, visit the following website: