Middlesex University Mauritius
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Middlesex University Mauritius
It doesn’t matter where in the world you come from, at Middlesex University we will give you the tools and opportunities to succeed.
Middlesex University Mauritius is one of three branch campuses of Middlesex University located in London. Our University offers highly regarded qualifications underpinned by the British education system and are validated and quality assured to the same standards as those offered in London, Dubai and Malta. Our world-class academics will inspire you with their passion for teaching, subject knowledge and industry experience. We provide a unique and supportive learning experience. With an integrated campus community made up of students from over 30 different nationalities, Middlesex University provides a vibrant and diverse environment in which to study. Middlesex University is more than an excellent academic institution. We are a global university driven by the difference we make in people’s lives. We are open-minded, progressive, and passionate about our vibrant diversity.
At Middlesex University:
We offer a British qualification which enables international mobility.
We offer a supported learning experience where students are our priority.
Our students are employable and often the preferred choice of market leaders.
Our fees are affordable and offer great value for money.
Our students study in a great environment.

Our modern campus provides a twenty first century learning experience that facilitates formal and informal learning and supports the development of a global learning and research community. In this vibrant environment students find it easy to become part of our diverse Middlesex community, make new friends, engage with staff and carve out their own unique university experience.

We have a growing portfolio of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels which respond to the market’s requirements. These include programmes in Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Psychology, Law, Education, Advertising and Media, as well as Nursing and Midwifery. Our curriculum embraces academic knowledge, hands-on learning and essential business skills like problem-solving, innovation, creativity, resilience and collaboration.
We equip our students with the skills and knowledge to lead successful professional careers and establish businesses in tomorrow’s world. We work with employers to make sure that what our students learn is what employers need, further developing these relationships through our research and knowledge exchange. We support our students through employer forums, networking events, work experience opportunities, industry projects, workshops and placements.

We’re more than a university. We are a diverse community of students, academics and partner organisations in Mauritius and around the world.
We transform potential into success by giving people opportunities to build their confidence, skills and connections for the future.
You’re made for more – so aim high and we’ll help you get there


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