Maison Sasha - Academy
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Maison Sasha - Academy
Maison Sasha Academy is a professional training academy that specializes in hairdressing. Maison Sasha Academy is the only institution accredited by ITEC that delivers courses up to diploma levels. This level allows students to work to international standards in any country.

We are among the elite group of Mauritius and ITEC rates us as highly confident in educational performances and self-assessment. Training is at premier levels with students gaining a national and internationally recognized Qualification that is approved by ITEC.

Our Maison Sasha group CEO, Mr Sasha Mosafeer, is proud of the Maison Sasha Academy’s achievements and professionalism. The students tool kit is put into practice right from the start as they attend their practical training sessions in our commercially equipped on-site salon. They start by practicing on mannequins and move on to models and clients. They have opportunities to take part in photographic shoots and both internal and external competitions. Some students also achieve extra work experience, which gives them opportunities to see how things operate in different types of commercial salons.

Our Academic Manager leads a great team of tutors who are all fully qualified hairdressers with teaching qualifications. They are all registered with the MQA and have extensive industry experience. They love fashion, perfected techniques, as well as excellent customer care and are passionate about sharing their skills. This is what our Maison Sasha Academy stands for.

Real people, real services - it's the key to great hairdressing training. Maison Sasha Academy prides itself on ensuring students complete as much of their training on models and clients as possible. This increases confidence and gives validity to the training.

March & September


Diploma Rs 85,000

Deposit Rs 40,000; Rs 5,000 per month in 9 installments.

Certificate: Rs 30,000

Deposit Rs 12,000; Rs 2,000 per month in 9 installments

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