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Offered by – MITD


  • Apply ethics pledge within his/her workplace Identify and convert basic units of measure used in jewellery Select, use and care for simple measuring devices used in jewellery Select, use, and care for hand tools Select, use, and maintain portable hand held power tools Produce components by performing drilling operations Shut down and isolate machines and equipment Demonstrate knowledge of metals used in jewellery Work safely with molten metals Draw and interpret drawings under supervision Construct geometric shapes Perform annealing and pickling Carry out routine maintenance on machines and equipment Monitor, under supervision, the condition of machinery and equipment Solder metals parts Demonstrate an understanding of rolling and drawing process Demonstrate knowledge of forging and forming Demonstrate knowledge of piercing and cutting processes Carry out filing operations Polish and finish jewellery Demonstrate knowledge of shaping and swaging Produce expendable wax patterns for lost wax casting method Demonstrate knowledge of gemstone Set stones using multiple claw or wire settings techniques Set stones using bezel settings techniques Participate in groups and/or teams to gather ideas and information Read texts for practical purposes
  • nassociated Studies: 1.Communicate effectively through written and verbal modes 2.Performbasic mathematical operations to the course. 3.Work ethics 4.Safety and heal requirements 5.Entrepreneurship 6.Information Technology 7.Environmental Studies.


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