The rise of globalisation means that the call for specialised skills and knowledge in this area has never been greater. Multinational businesses need qualified managers who can adapt and lead in a rapidly-changing, revolutionary environment. It will enable aspiring managers plan to complete in the emerging global economy; understand international product and capital markets, multicultural organizations, and the competitive structure of global industries.

The MBA International Business is one of a handful of business degrees that directly targets this skills set. Its is a two-year program that provides grounding in the international dimension of every business function, incorporates international experience through study or an internship abroad, and exposes students to the best practices of the world’s leading companies.

An undergraduate degree with at least a Second Class or 50% (whichever is applicable) or GPA not less than 2.5 out of 4 or equivalent from a recognised higher education institution or alternative qualifications acceptable to the University of Mauritius.