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The training course includes modules which will enable the trainee to gain a solid background and give him or her all keys to fully understand all aspects of the position. It also includes an on-job training so the trainee can actually do and understand what he or she will be doing once in a company and be trained accordingly.


Travel and tourism
• The role of travel and tourism professionals
• Commercial activities generating income
• Requirements and competencies
• Careers in travel and tourism
• Features and competencies of the travel agent
• International Organizations
• Regional and national Organizations.Geography
• How to sell travels
• How to read a map
• International City Codes
• Route planning
• Timezones and travel time
• Currencies
• Means of transport.Travel requirements
• Travel documents
• Precautionary health measures
• Taxes, customs and currencies
• Travel insurance
• Services and informations provided by the travel agent
• Information book.

Road transport: rail
• Timetables
• Benefits of rail
• Tourist trains.

Road transport: cars and campers
• Rental services
• Renting a car
• Renting a camper.

• Forms of accommodations
• Pricing
• Booking
• Terms and conditions
• Keywords.

Sea transport: ferries and cruises
• Cruises: a booming sector
• Understand the sector
• Features and benefits
• Selling cruises.

Packaged tours
• Forms of tours and packages
• Brochures and pricing
• Booking and accounting procedures
• Booking conditions and extent of liability.

Air transport
• Air transport
• Codes, terminology and definitions
• Flight schedules
• Baggage
• Airports and flights
• Air transport regulations.

Customer service
• The role of the travel agent
• Useful techniques: get the customer confident
• Manage the customers’ requests
• Manage unsatisfied customers
• How to deal with stress.

• Travel and tourism and technology
• Uses of technology and major softwares
• The internet.

• Passenger Air Tariff (PAT)
• Travels vs. prices
• Selection criteria for prices
• Currencies
• Special routes and destinations
• ‘OW Through’ price
• ‘RT’ and ‘CT’ prices
• Ticketing
• PTA transactions
• Credit and debit cards
• Taxes, charges and fees
• Prices for children and new-borns
• Special prices
• Billing.


Additional courses
• Dangerous Goods Cat. 9
• Aviation Safety & Security.

On-the-job training
• In a travel agent company or an airline GSA
• Familiarisation with travel agent duties
• Full use of Amadeus software from creating a PNR to ticket sales.

Application : Jan / Feb & June /  July / Aug

Days of Course : 2 – 3  times per week, based on a Pre Set calendar

Time of courses from Monday to Saturday : Either 09:00 to 13:00 OR 13:00 to 16:00

Payment Facilities : Facilities of payment exist. Do call the school for more info.