Diploma in Sports Training, Coaching and Exercise


This Diploma has been designed for those interested in developing an understanding
of evolving aspects surrounding sports training, coaching and physical exercise. It
will also appeal to aspiring or practicing leaders of sports or fitness activities and high
level athletes. Key features of this programme include a combination of practical/coaching sessions and lectures, outdoor activities, discussions with experts who are active in the field of sports training, coaching, physical education, health sciences and industry
placement. The content taught in this programme will ensure that students will learn
about current trends and practices in the domain of sports, and understand the
evolving importance of coaches and fitness trainers in promoting health and
maintaining physical and mental well-being.

Applicants are required to take a valid medical test (this can be done at a clinic, hospital or at the Medical Sports Unit, Vacoas). Only those candidates who are certified as medically fit to do sports will be retained for final selection.