This Programme is geared towards producing computer professionals, with a thorough understanding of various components of Information Technology. The programme ensures that our graduates integrate easily into the job market and keep up with emerging technologies.

The programme is designed to upgrade the theoretical concepts as well as application methodologies of the students with a Diploma level in Information Technology. With substantial focus on the practical and hands-on component, the programme intends to ensure “learning by doing“. The practical modules and hands-on exercises will reinforce the classroom learning experience. On completing the requirements of the degree programme, students will have acquired adequate skills for the design and development of efficient IT solutions.

Credit in 5 ‘O’ Level including English Language. AND EITHER Pass in:  3 subjects at A-Level and 1 Subject at subsidiary Level at Higher School Certificate Examinations. OR Pass in: 2 subjects at A-Level and 2 subjects ar subsidiary Level at the Higher School Certificate Examinations; and OR Pass in: 3 subjects at A-Level at the London General Certification Examinations. PROGRAMME ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A Diploma in Information Technology or an equivalent qualification.