The programme aims to provide the students with:
 A curriculum which provides a broad range of subjects to facilitate the development of skills, abilities, pursuit of interest and promotion of career development
 A course of study that develops students’ intellectual and creative abilities by combining knowledge of creative design, technology and business to play a central role in shaping products, processes and services in the design industry
 A wide range of transferable and marketable skills and knowledge leading to a variety of employment opportunities within the design and wider associated engineering industries
 The ability to apply modelling and simulation tools and techniques to the validation of a design
 Teaching and learning techniques which place emphasis on active and participative education
 A fundamental understanding of the major elements of the design process
 An understanding of the factors and parameters which drive design
 The ability to critically analyse a product and the associated development process

 The ability to apply modern computer-based technologies to the product development process
 An understanding of the latest manufacturing processes and procedures

General Entry Requirements As per UTM’S Admission Regulations, and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Degree Level’ Programme Entry Requirements Any two ‘A’ Level with at least one science subject