Businesses work with laws every day, for example in proposals, tenders and contracts. Knowledge of business law can give you the ability to recognise potential issues and manage legal risk. This degree is primarily aimed at preparing graduates to take up employment in the legal department of a company or in the management of such a company. The course covers topics like Contract Law, Company Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real property, Torts, Trusts, Competition Legislation, and Employment Law. As such, this degree does not cover criminal law and does not directly lead to a professional legal qualification allowing you to practice as a lawyer.

You will gain a solid foundation in business law and develop significant knowledge of torts, real property, company law and consumer law, and study units in

: • Contract law • Real property • Intellectual property • Taxation  • Offences

Professionals in this field excel at negotiating and dealing with people, and may work as law clerks, settlement agents,compliance officers, contract managers or legal administrators. They may be employed in a wide range of industries, including the public sector and private businesses

Satisfy the minimum academic entry requirements Meet the minimum English competency level or Have experience in the field. Recognition of prior learning is assessed on an individual basis. Please note: Candidates who do not meet all entry requirements can enroll on the CTI Foundation programme in order to gain admission to the BCom degree