The Accounting major will introduce you to the principles of accounting, auditing, taxation and relevant areas of business law. You will learn how to record and communicate information relating to the financial performance of organisations, how to prepare reports, give advice on an organisation’s record-keeping and its compliance requirements. You will also learn about accounting techniques applied to planning, directing, decision making, and controlling functions of an organization. The course will help you understand the link between strategic decision, profitability, risk and cash flow.

In the Finance major, you will learn about investment evaluation, how to fund activities and understand the importance of the capital structure of a company. The course also provides you with an understanding of the structure and operations of financial markets and financial instruments including derivative instruments. You will also learn about security analysis and portfolio performance evaluation techniques.

Please note: During your first semester of the Bachelor of Commerce you’ll complete common core units which will provide an introduction to the various aspects of business. You do not need to make a final decision on a single or combined major until your second semester

Satisfy the minimum academic entry requirements Meet the minimum English competency level or Have experience in the field. Recognition of prior learning is assessed on an individual basis. Please note: Candidates who do not meet all entry requirements can enroll on the CTI Foundation programme in order to gain admission to the BCom degree