With a BBM (Hons), students will be prepared to embark on a career path with the promise of increasing responsibility in a rapidly changing global environment. Recognising the importance of personal and group leadership, and effectively working cooperatively with others, students will have acquired skills and competencies that prepare him or her to become a difference-maker who ads value in pursuing an organization’s mission, goals, and objectives.

Furthermore, in view of increasing the practical skills of students, each module of the programme consists of 30 contact hours as formal lectures and 15 hours for projects, case studies, firm visits, interviews, site tours etc. This flexible programme offers the posibility to exit the course and be awarded a Diploma in Business Management after completing the required number of credits/modules.

Credit in 5 ‘O’ Level including English Language. AND EITHER Pass in:  3 subjects at A-Level and 1 Subject at subsidiary Level at Higher School Certificate Examinations. OR Pass in: 2 subjects at A-Level and 2 subjects ar subsidiary Level at the Higher School Certificate Examinations; and OR Pass in: 3 subjects at A-Level at the London General Certification Examinations.