• Use proven techniques to improve your operational practices, solve problems, and optimize benefits
• Combine modern business practices with operations to meet international standards
• Identify areas for improvement in your operations and facilitation processes
• Apply performance measurement techniques to support key operational project need.


Understanding the airport
• Overview of the Air Transport System
• Airport definition, function, customers and partners
• Airport management and operation
• The need for standardisation
• The airport business and its economic impact
• Airport master planning.
The airport as an operational system
• The airside
• The terminal Area
• The landside
• Airport certification
• The overall airport operation.
• Civil Aviation security
• Airport security
• Aircraft operator’s security programme
• Testing, inspection and audit.
Support services
• On-site services
• External services.
Airport issues and challenges
• Security threats
• Economics
• Capacity
• New aircraft types
• Sustainable development.
The future of airports
• Future technology
• Ownership and operation
• Coping with uncertainty

Additional courses
• Dangerous Goods: DGR cat. 9
• Aviation safety & security
On-job training
• Discover the different areas of airport businesses
• Work with airport staff on their daily tasks
• Familiarizations

Application : Jan / Feb & June /  July / Aug

Days of Course : 2 – 3  times per week, based on a Pre Set calendar

Time of courses from Monday to Saturday : Either 09:00 to 13:00 OR 13:00 to 16:00

Anyone who would like to gain practical knowledge to manage key airport

Eligibility: based on application

Qualifications: SC and above
Closing date for enrollment February and August
Beginning date of courses March and September