Advanced Travel & Tourism Training Programme


This course aims to provide current insight into the main aspects of travel and tourism. It covers Ticketing & Rating, Foreign
Language, Geography, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Hotels & Tours,
There are a number of career opportunities, such as:
• Tour Operator
• Airline Service Agent
• Travel Consultant
• Reservation Agent
• Travel Agent / Ticketing Agent
• Visitor Information Counsellor
• Guest Relations Agent/Concierge
• Receptionist

Upon completion of this program, students will:
• Develop suitable competencies to enter employment in a range of organizations such as retail and business travel
agencies, tour operators, airlines, hotels
• Be able to adopt an innovative and creative approach to their work and be able to respond quickly to challenges posed by
changes in the travel and tourism sector
• Be able to investigate issues and problems relating to travel, tourism, and business in depth
• Develop communication and presentation skills
• Develop skills for independent, lifelong learning
• Acquire in depth knowledge about setting up their own business
• Loading / unloading aircraft
• Luggage area (arrival & departure)
• Assist aircraft services