Doctorate of Business Administration


Course Overview

Businesses are increasingly confronted by novel situations that cannot always be solved using
past practices and strategies. As change, fuelled by globalisation, continues to accelerate,
leaders have to develop organisations where knowledge informs practice and policy
especially through the conduct of work related research. This Doctorate of Business
Administration (DBA) has been designed to offer individuals the opportunity to improve
business performance by combining experience acquired as a professional and the academic
research techniques learnt at the university while producing an original doctoral-level
research project. Therefore, people in employment can pursue practised-based research
within an organisation to tackle real workplace challenges. As part of the DBA, students are
taught the use of research techniques that enable them to understand and reflect upon their
ability to utilise and apply theory in order to improve workplace practices. Thus, they develop
doctoral-level thinking, a superior capacity to investigate, and research skills as they work
through the issues of corporate concern. The synthesis of practical experience and theoretical
frameworks together with effective methodological approaches also empower individuals and
organizations with new perspectives that add value.
The DBA differs from a Ph.D. The DBA is a professional doctorate that focuses on business
issues and makes contribution to workplace practice, policies and strategies through research
carried out in the context of professional practice. Ph.D. aims at making significant
contribution to an area of knowledge.

Study mode

Open Distance Learning


Minimum 3 years / Maximum 6 years

Awarding Body

Open University of Mauritius

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have the following: 1. A masters-level degree, either an MBA or a specialist MA or M.Sc. in a related area; and 2. Evidence of substantial management or professional work experience, including within the academic profession.

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