Diploma in Business & Commercial Banking & Conduct

Offered by – Rushmore Business School

Course Overview

The Diploma in Business and Commercial Banking & Conduct (DipBB&C®) is the qualification of choice for aspiring business and banking professionals. It will develop your knowledge of the latest working practices and regulatory guidelines to give you the skills and understanding required to perform effectively in a fast-paced environment. The DipBB&C® is the next step for individuals who have completed the Certificate in Business Banking and Conduct (CertBB&C®).

DipBB&C® expands further on the CertBB&C® syllabus and develops enhanced understanding of business lending, credit analysis and risk management.

It provides a deeper appreciation of the evaluation tools used for identifying borrowing requirements and the process of recommending sources of appropriate finance options to customers.

Progression from CertBB&C®

Students who have completed the CertBB&C® qualification need to complete just Module 2 of the Diploma to be awarded the ‘DipBB&C’ qualification.

Study mode

Part time


1 year

Awarding Body

The London Institute of Banking & Finance

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