Important Numbers

Emmergencies contact number are very important to note. You may never know when you might need them.


See them

You will find the different libraries around the island where you can borrow or go to look for informationThere are mostly the Nationals Library. For international students you may be resident for a minimum of 6 months to be able to borrow books.


  • National Library- Port Louis  Contact No : 2119891    OH Mon -Fri 09h00-16h00  Sat 09h00-12h00 There you can only go and read, you cannot borrow any books.


  • Institut Francais de Maurice-Rose Hill (French Book) Contact No : 4674222  OH- Mon 9h00 - 16h30 Tues-Fri 09h00-17h30, Sat 9h00-16h00   If you want to read on site its free, if you want to borrow books you will need to subscribe .To subscribe you will need  to go there with your Identity card, proof of address, the filled form, your student card. It cost Rs200 per year.The payment is done on the date of subsciption, and the amount needs to be in cash.Please find form there => http://www.institutfrancais.mu/media/18580/formulaire-dinscription-m%C3%A9diath%C3%A8que-ifm-avril-2015.pdf

Municipal Council of Vacoas Phoenix    Contact No : 697 6767 To subscribe you need to follow a course of a minimum duration of 1 year, bring your passport and a proof of address.You will also need to give 2 guarants from Mauritius.You will also need to do a deposit of rs100 that will be given back to you when you stop the subscription, and an anual fee of Rs60.  OH Mon - Fri 9h00-5h00 Sat 9h00h-1h00 The cash desk is close as from 3h30 during week days and it is closed on Saturdays.

Municipal Council of Curepipe    Contact No :670-6733 If you are a resident of Curepie, you only have to pay a deposit of Rs100 per book that is you will be able to borrow only one book at a time. You have access to 4 books at a time at this will then cost Rs400. If you are not a resident of Curepipe, you need to pay the deposit as well as an anual subscription, if would you would like to borrow books its Rs50 livre, or you can also borrow magasins, this is at Rs30 ,and magasin need to be borrowed by 2. You will need to bring a proof of address, your identity card or passport or student card. OH Mon-Fri 9h00- 17h00 Sat  9h15  -13h00 For the subscription you will have a form to fill in their and the payment can only be done in week day as from 9h00- 15h00.

Municipal Council of Beau Bassin/Rose Hill  Contact No : 454 2181

Health Care

There are different types of health care centre in Mauritius. You have 2 type in the public sector that are completely free for national or international resident : Hospitals & Health Care Centres. And you have the private clinics that services need to be paid.Below find :  There Name - Location by city - Contact Number


  • Hospitals

Civil Hospital - Port Louis - Contact No: 212 3201

Brown Sequard Hospital  - Beau Bassin  - Contact No :  4542071

Rose Belle                Contact No:

Victoria Hospital - Quatres Bornes - Contact No: 425 3031

Ears Nose and Throat Hospital - Vacoas - Contact No : 6862061

Flacq Hosptial - Flacq - Contact No: 4132532

J. Nehru Hospital-  Rose Belle - Contact No: 6037000

Long Mountain Hospital- Long Mountain - Contact No : 2452532

Mahebourg Hospital- Mahebourg - Contact No : 6319556

Moka Eye Hospital- Moka - Contact No : 4334015

Poudre D’or Hospital - Poudre D’Or - Contact No : 2821181

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital- Pamplemousses- Contact No : 2433661

Souillac Hospital - Souillac - Contact No : 6255589


  • Health Centers:  opening hours  09h00- 15h00

Phoenix                    Contact No:

Curepipe                   Contact No:

Forest Side                Contact No:

Flic en Flac                Contact No:

Fond du Sac              Contact No:

Grand Baie                Contact No:

Piton                         Contact No:

Plaine Magnien          Contact No:

Poste de Flacq          Contact No:

Quatre Soeur             Contact No:

Vieux Grand Port       Contact No:

  • Private Clinics

City Clinic - Port Louis - Contact No : 2420486

ABC Medi Clinic - Rose Hill - Contact No : 4549416

Acumedic Clinic - Quatre Bornes - Contact No : 4642019

Chisty Shifa Clinic - Port Louis - Contact No : 2115157

Clinic Candos - Quatre Bornes - Contact No : 4257711

Fortis Darne Clinic - Floreal - Contact No : 6012300

Clinique de Greffe de Cheveux - Pointe aux Canonniers - Contact No : 2690566

Clinique de Lorette - Curepipe - Contact No : 6702911

Clinique du Centre - Phoenix - Contact No : 6978894

Clinique du Nord - Baie du Tombeau - Contact No : 2472532

Clinique Ferriere - Curepipe - Contact No : 6746805

Clinique Med Point - Vacoas - Contact No : 4267777

Clinique Medisave - Quatre Bornes - Contact No : 4277000

Homoeopathy Centre -, Quatre Bornes - Contact No : 4665220

La Clinique Mauricienne - Reduit - Contact No : 4543061

Medicare Clinic - Central Flacq - Contact No : 4131112

Nouvelle Clinique du Bon Pasteur - Rose Hill - Contact No : 4642640

St Esprit Clinic - Quatre Bornes - Contact No : 4245471

St Jean Clinic - Belle rose - Contact No : 4666044

Appollo Bramwell -Moka - Contact No : 605 1000

Bus Station

You can call the different bus station to know when is the bus coming where you are situated.You will find below journey of the different bus companies.For some region, you will have access to individual busses, these need to be asked in the region you are situated to know.do not hesitate to ask for the responsible person at the bus station if you have any doubt.

NTC - Bus start from Quatre Bornes to the North and vise versa - Contact No : 4275000

UBS - Bus start from Curepipe to go in the north, or in the south and vise versa- Contact No : 2122026

RHT - Bus start from Rose Hill to the Port Louis or inside town such as Quatre Bornes or Beau Bassin & Roches Brunes (these does not go on the main road) - Contact No : 4641221

Triolet- Bus start from Port louis to the north of the island as well as Pointe aux sables - Contact No: 2616516

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Climate in Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate throughout the year. The country has two seasons: a warm humid summer extending from November to April and a relatively cool dry winter from June to September. The month of October and May are commonly known as the transition months.Mean summer temperature is 24.7 degrees Celsius and mean winter temperature is 20.4 degrees Celsius.

The warmest months are January and February with average day maximum temperature reaching 29.2 degrees Celsius and the coolest months are July and August when average night minimum temperatures drop down to 16.4 degrees Celsius.

  •   Precautions during torrential rain

As soon as a torrential rains warning comes in force, the public is advised to take the following precautions:

·         Keep school children indoors and not to send them to school

·         Avoid to venture near flooded rivers and streams and overflowing bridges

·         Avoid taking long trip in vehicles, especially in flood prone areas. Do not cross flooded bridges or submerged areas either by foot or by vehicles

·         In flood prone areas, secure your belongings and properties. If the water level continues to rise in flood prone areas, evacuate the area if necessary.

·         Avoid going near hill or mountain slopes prone to landslide.

  • Preparedness and Precautions in The Event of a Cyclone

Before The Cyclone

·         Ensure that your house is in good condition and can withstand cyclone gusts.

·         Trim tree branches likely to cause damages to your house, telephone and electricity lines.

·         Clear your property of loose material that can cause injury and damage during extreme winds.

·         Identify secure places for your boat.

·         Be acquainted with the nearest cyclone refugee centers.

·         Prepare an emergency kit consisting of:

1.     Portable AM/FM radio and fresh batteries.

2.     Torch, lamps, candles, matches, etc.

3.     Water containers.

4.     Canned food, can opener, stove with sufficient gas.

5.     Rice, flour, biscuits, cheese, etc.

6.     First aid kit and essential medicines.

7.     Clothes secured in plastic bags.

8.     Tool kit for emergency repairs (hammer, nail, rope, etc..)

During a cyclone warning class l

·         Make sure your emergency kit is ready.

·         Monitor cyclone bulletins on Radio/TV.

·         Prepare to secure windows and doors with shutters or shields.

During a cyclone warning Class ll

Verify that your emergency kit contains all essential items

·         Store sufficient amount of drinking water

·         Continue to monitor cyclone bulletins on Radio/TV.

Upon the issuance of a cyclone warning Class lll

·         Complete all preparatory measures.

1.     Fix shutters.

2.     Secure doors and windows.

3.     Store loose articles.

·         Avoid areas prone to storm surges and flooding.

·         Shelter domestic animals.

·         Secure vehicles.

·         Those in insecure dwellings, move as early as possible, to cyclone refugee centre with your emergency kit.

·         Avoid going outside.

·         Monitor closely cyclone bulletins on Radio/TV.

During a cyclone warning Class IV

Gusts of 120 km/h or more are occurring

·         Stay inside. Seek shelter in the safest part of the house.

·         Disconnect all electrical appliances.

·         Listen attentively to cyclone bulletins and advice on the Radio / TV.

·         If the house starts to suffer important damages, protect yourself with mattress, rugs or blankets.

Passage of the ‘EYE’ of the cyclone

·         Beware of the passage of the ‘EYE’. Do not assume that cyclonic conditions are over. The calm period is always followed by violent winds from the opposite direction.

After the cyclone

·         Do not leave your shelter until the all-clear signals have been given by relevant Authorities.

·         Beware of fallen power lines, damaged buildings and trees and flooded water courses.

·         Do not consume fallen fruits.

·         Boil water for drinking purposes.

.          Clean yard and drain out stagnant water to prevent proliferation of mosquitoes/diseases


  • Precautions to be taken before a Tsunami

When To Evacuate?
When a Tsunami Warning Bulletin is issued by the Mauritius Meteorological Services, announcements to evacuate will be made through TV & radio stations and Police hailers. The public is advised to follow the directives of the Police during evacuation.

Where to Evacuate?

Those living or working in coastal areas should immediately move to higher grounds or evacuate vertically wherever tall strong building, made of concrete, is available.

Things to Remember

·         If you see an unexpected rise or fall in the sea, a tsunami may be approaching. You are strongly advice to move uphill.

·         Stay tuned to your radio or TV during a disaster. Information bulletin regarding the situation will be broadcast regularly

·         Follow the emergency signs and the directives of the Police

·         Never go to the coast to watch a tsunami. Tsunamis move faster than a person can run

·         Do not run to the beach until Emergency Officials give the “All Clear” signal

·         All low lying coastal areas can be struck by a tsunami

·         Tsunami can occur at any time of day or night

·         Tsunami can travel up rivers and streams from the ocean

·         Tsunami can easily wrap around Island and be just as dangerous on coasts not facing the source of the tsunami

·         Prepare an emergency kit with basic necessities (water, food items, blankets, first aid supplies, medicines, radio torch) which is portable during evacuation.

·         Share your knowledge with family and friends, it could save their lives

  • Precautions to be taken whenever there is a high waves warning:

·         Avoid going to the beach and into the sea.

·         All boats must be secured.


Find most of the different shopping Mall in Mauritius, small shopping centres, the well known supermarkets, some shops and cheap markets when you will find local products.

  • Shopping Malls – In the shopping malls you could find a foodcourt, shops and supermarkets and in some you could find a cinema.

Bagatelle Shopping Mall of Mauritius – Bagatelle- Contact No : 4688555

Kendra Commercial Center – St Pierre – Contact No : 4338667

Trianon Shopping Park – Trianon - Contact No :

Les Allees d’Helvetia Commercial center- St Pierre -  Contact No : 4320490

Grand Baie La Croisette Shopping Mall –Grand Baie - Contact No : 4688344

Mont Choisy Shopping Promenade- Grand Baie - Contact No : 469 4242

Cascavelle Shopping Village – Cascavelle - Contact No : 4529000

Grand Baie Coeur de ville – Grand Baie - Contact No : 2630502

Flacq Coeur de ville – Central Flacq - Contact No : 4135259

Centre Commercial Phoenix -Phoenix - Contact No : 696 7797

Riche Terre Mall – Riche Terre - Contact No : 248 7280 / 2490037

Caudan Waterfront- Port Louis –

Ruisseau Creole – Riviere Noire – You will have restaurants and high class shops


  • Shopping in small shopping centres in diffrent regions of the island

Sunset Boulevard – Grand Baie –

Orchard Shopping Mall – Quatre Bornes –

Barachois Shopping Center- Tamarin –

La Bonne Fouille – Curepipe-

Happy world House Shopping Centre – Port Louis-

Forbach – Floreal –

Pridemark – Port Louis / Trianon –

Ocean Factory Shop- Winter clothes

Fashion House – Phoenix/ GrandBaie

Ebene Shopping centre- Ebene-

Newgen – Rosehill/ Quatre Bornes / Port Louis

  • Supermarkets, these well known supermarkets can be found in these different Malls or region

Intermart –Grand Baie La croisette / Ebene Shopping Centre / Beau Bassin / Bagatelle / Curepipe

Jumbo & Spar – Riche Terre Mall / Centre Commercial Phoenix / Beau Bassin / Flic en Flac

Tang Way- Beau Bassin

London Way – Pointes aux sables / Mehebourg / Tamarin / Vacoas

Super U – Grand Baie Coeur de ville/ Flacq Coeur de ville / Belle Rose

Winners – Roches Brunes / Saint Paul / Coromandel / Souillac / Plaine Magnien / Goodlands / Pereybere / Bambous / Flacq x2 / Vacoas / Quatre Bornes

Sik Yuen – Curepipe

Persand Royal – Pointes aux canoniers

King Savers – Plaine Magnien

Lo Yeung – Mahebourg

Foodlovers – Grand Baie La Croisette / Bagatelle / Tamarin

Monoprix- Cascavelle / Curepipe / Bagatelle Shopping Mall  

  • Cheap Markets-   OD : Opening Days

You can found all kinds of knicks & knacks  from tourist souvenirs, local artwork, textiles, costumes,jewelery, vegetables, seafood , spices & many more.

Port louis OD : Monday- Saturday - saturday 1/2day - located near the MCB branch

Grand Baie- Monday- Saturday

Goodlands- Tuesday & Friday

Quatre Bornes - Thursday & Sunday - located in the centre of Quatre Bornes -in front of the Bus station

Mahebourg- Monday only - located near the Mahebourg Waterfront

Arab Town- Rose hill - Everyday except Thursday - located infront of the bus station

Rose Belle -

Belle Rose- Sunday only - located in the road of Super U opposite to Le Calif Restaurant

Forum de Curepipe  - Wednesday only

Flacq market - Wednesday & Sunday - located next to the bus station


To know the movies that are being played in individual cinema send an sms or call on the number below :

Star- Caudan – send “starcaudan” on the 789

Star Bagatelle -Bagatelle – send “starbagatelle” on the 789

Star La Croisette –Grand Baie – send “starlacroisette” on the 789

MCine -Trianon – send “mcine” on the 789

CineKlassic -Caudan – send “cineklassic” on the 789

Cine City – Port Louis – send “cinecity” on the 789

Novelty -Curepipe – send “cinenovelty” on the 789

Cine Metropolitan –Rose Belle – Call on 5 864 61 82

Anand -Triolet – send “cineanand” on the 789

New Savoy - Vacoas – send “newsavoy” on the 789

Cine King’s – Goodlands - send “cinekings” on the 789

Sirsa – Castel – Call on 686 7356

Going Out in Mauritius

You would like to go out , no worries, see below the different places to go and visit or to party.

  • Visit

Museum Photography - Port Louis - Contact Them : 238 5737 / 211 1705 /  5 970 1440 OD :  Monday - Friday : 9 h 00 – 15 h 00

Price :- Adult : Rs 300  - Student : Rs 100

Mahebourg Museum - Mahebourg - Contact them : 6319329

Martello Tower - Tamarin - OD : Tuesday - Saturday  09h30 - 17h00 / Sunday & Public Holidays : 09h30 - 13h30.

Price :

- Children : Rs 30

- Student (with student pass) : Rs 30

- Old Person : Rs 30

- Adulte (Group + 15 persons) : Rs 50

- Adulte ( week-end) : Rs 60

- Adult (weekdays) : Rs 80

* Free on the last saturday of each march.

Botanical Garden Pamplemousses - Pamplemousses - Contact Them : 2439401 OD : 08:30 - 05:30 Everyday

Sugar Museum Factory -Beau Plan - Contact on 2437900

Le Bois Cheri -Grand Bois - Contact them : 54711216 / 6178902

Valles des Couleurs-Chamouny - Contact on 54718666 OH : 08:30 - 17:30 - Everyday

  • Going Out

Luckstrike (Bowling)- Grand Baie - Contact on 2633308 OH 10:00AM - 02:00AM

Magic Bowling- Beau Bassin - Contact on 57994398 OH : 07:30am - 11:00pm - Monday - Thirsday  /3:00pm- 01:00am - Friday & Saturday  /3:00pm - 11pm - Sunday

Gold Pub (karaoke & pizzeria)  – Beau Bassin - Contact them 4656485 OH 10:00 - 22:00 Everyday

Water Park - Bel Mare - 4152626

Casela Nature Park - Cascavelle - Contact on 4522828 OH : 09:00 - 17:00 Everyday

Swimming with Dolphins

La Vanille Crocodile Park- Savanne - Contact on  626 2503 OH : 08:30 - 17:00 Everyday

The Curious corner -Chamarel - Contact on 483 4022 OH : 09:00 - 17:00 Everyday

Boat Trips to ile au Cerf

Musika- Bagatelle - Contact on 4688462 

  • Party 

Le Suffren- Port Louis - Happy Hour on Friday,located in Le Labourdonnais Hotel - Contact on 2024900

Hennessy Park Hotel -Happy Hour on Friday-  Ebene city - Contact on 4037200

Irish Restaurant & Lounge- Shoprite- Contact on 5908 2014

OMG Night Club – Grand Baie 

Takamaka Bar & Night Club- Grand Baie

Buddah Bar - Grand Baie

Babana Beach Club - Grand Baie

Big Willys - Tamarin

La Case Casavelle - Cascavelle

AG22- Flic en Flac

C Beach -Bel ombre - Contact on 605 5400

Banks & Insurance

Banks and insurance may be important if you need to open an account or if you need to go to branch near your house. Call and ask the information needed.

  • Banks

Most of the banks open hours are 9h00 – 15h00.To be on the safe side, call before going to a branch.

Afrasia Bank- 208 5500

Bank one - 202 9200

Bank of Baroda - 212 5082

Banques des mascareignes - 207 1000

Barclays Bank- 675 2034

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking - 800 1234

Mauritius Commercial Bank - 427 6740 / 202 6060

MauBank- 405 9400

SBI Mauritius - 5887 2624 / 212 2054

Standard Bank - 402 5000

Standard Chartered bank - 4036500

State Bank of Mauritius - 202 1111


  • Insurance

Metropolitan insurance – 403 5200

State Insurance Company Of Mauritius -2038400

Mauritian Eagle Insurance –2032200

The Mauritius Union Assurance Company -2015500

Island Life Assurance – 2176900

SWAN – 2073500

Phoenix Insurance – 212 3939

Sun Insurance –2080769

Ai Broker - 2437333

Fitness Lovers

For those who love everything that is walking, running discovers the beautiful nature, hiking ect.

  • Fitness Trail

Hillcrest Park  - Quatre Bornes

Montagne des signaux – Port Louis

Champ de Mars – Port Louis

Cavalot – Roches brunes

Vandermesh – Beau Bassin – Rose Hill

Bassin -  Palma

St Pierre next to the centre communautaire de Circonstance

  • Hiking

Its exist lots of hiking places in Mauritius, some places you need to have someone to supervise to be able to go through the mountains per example. You will have some who are free, these you can go on your own, whereas others are payable where you need to be supervised. Free: (F) or Payable: (P).

Find below the different companies that offer their services.

Yanature – (P) – trekkingmauritius.com Contact them : 54281909 /57314955

Vertical world (P) – verticalworldltd.com

Otelair - Otelair.com - Contact Olivier Bourquin (P) – 52516680

Domaine de la grave – Midlands – (P) - Contact them –

La Cambuse (F)  – South 

Yemen Nature Park (F)  – before tamarin

Black river Gorges (F) 

Le pouce  Mountain (F) 

Le Dauguet (F) – Port Louis

Rochester Fall - Seek for supervisor(P)

*Note : For those who are free, make sure to not go there alone, do not take any risk, anything could happen in the nature, be sure to be will people you trust and with more than 1 person.


Some places to visit, have lunch and take time to relax in family or friends

Domaine du chasseur –

Domaine des 7 vallees  - Mare aux vacoas - 631 3317

Domaine de l’etoile – Contact them :  nalini@terrocean.mu Mobile: 54231055

Park Adventure Chamarel - 2345385 / 2344533 / 7270869 - On reservation only/ Closed on Wednesday

Open on public holidays & week-ends

Opening hours: 9h00 to 16h00 

email :parcaventure@intnet.mu

Entertainment in Mauritius

Events to come

Good Deals in Mauritius

Find a lot of different deals on different platforms.Find your best deals.


  • Click n deal

Click n deal you may have different types of deals, cars, furniture, lands, rental, computers, air conditioners, car accessories, etc..


  • PriceGuru

Have access to home appliances, phones, health & beauty, lifestyle & sport, baby toys & kids, electronics, home & garden, Office & furniture, financial services etc.

There is also a section known as best deals, 3-5 pages of best deals for everyone. You also have payment facilities over some months.


  • BuyNow

On this platform you will have most phones, tablets, camera, audio, gadgets, laptops, kitchen appliances, fans, AC, etc.


  • Hotel combiened

This website will help you to compare the different prices regarding the hotels in Mauritius. They also have good deals to propose.