BA (Hons) Film and Video Production

The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production course is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the full potential of digital cinema and provides professional practice to prepare learners for a career in the film Industry. The BA (Hons) Film & Video Production programme is mounted in collaboration with Board of Investment Mauritius (BOI) , Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC) and the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). This three-year programme of study covers the different aspects of film production from pre-production phase to post-production. During the first stages of the course, students will learn the essential video production skills from scriptwriting to filming and editing. In upcoming stages, students will learn to refine and improve their film making skills through film theory and the production process. By the end of the course students will have directed and produced at least two short films and enhanced a video with special effects. Job Prospects: The recent increasing need of video content for the web & film industry provides new opportunities for the sector of video and film production including Post-Production Editors, Technical Coordinators, Lighting Designers, Color Graders, Digital Imaging technicians, Producers and Directors, amongst others. 



Entry requirements

As per UTM’S Admissions Regulations, and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Degree Level’ or APL / APEL requirements.

BA (Hons) Film and Video Production

Mode: Full Time

Offered by: UTM

Duration: 3 Year(s)

Requirements: Higher School Certificate

Awarded by: University of Technology of Mauritius

Fees: MUR 22,300 (per semester)

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