Turnround Coordinator

Course objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:
• Coordinate and direct all operational activities within turn round including loading ,fuelling , aircraft servicing
• Ensure turn round activities are in compliance with safety , security , operational procedures and processes delivered within SLA standards of performance and compliance limits
• Handle aircraft documentation to crews , including flight plan , met folders , loadsheets etc , checking that the documentation is for the appropriate flight date and aircraft.

Course content

General information
• The airport
• Air traffic
• Basics about aeronautics and aerodynamics.

• Weather conditions – air vs. ground temperature – air pressure – weather disturbances – hazardous events.

Human factors
• Self-knowledge – Managing stress – Communication: the basics – Collective work – Feedback.

Current IATA regulations

Traffic operations – initial level
• Loading bulk cargo hold
• Manual loading plan
• Aircraft weight & balance
• Types of messages.

Loading procedures
• Priorities
• Preparation for the flight
• Cargo hold loading steps
• Loading limitations
• Fly-away kits
• Codes
• Masses.

Cargo procedures
• Weighing of cargo
• Non-standard loads
• Special freights
• Separators

Flight management – practice
• Preparing a flight
• Hand-in the pre-flight planning package
• Analyzing information given to the crew
• Coordination of the various tasks when landing
• Editing the manual loading plan
• The post-flight report.

Dangerous goods
• Awareness training session about transport of dangerous goods (IATA Cat 10).

Technical English
• Technical words about the airport
• Understanding & talking.

Airport safety & security
• Prohibited items
• Verification of conformity at check-in and boarding
• Boarding cards
• Safety & security operators (international, national & local)
• How to act with any abandoned baggage, package or container
• Safety & security objectives
• Types of transit fares
• Performance measurement systems
• The importance of involving the team
• Reduction of costs in the long run.

• Reminder of ramp regulations
• Traffic risks inside the airport zone
• Operators on the ground
• Precautions to be taken
• Rules to abide.

Real Hand-On Practical

Handling several flights’ operations at the airport


Mid March & Mid September

Application : February & August

Days of Course : 2 to 3 times per week, based on a Pre-Set calendar

Time of courses from Monday to Saturday : Either 08:30/09:00 to 12:30/13:00 OR 13:00/13:30 to 16:00/16:30 OR 17:00/17:30 to 19:00/19:30

Fees : Different prices for each course to contact school or Facebook Inbox.

Payment Facilities : Collaboration with MCB, call the school for more info. Special student loan.

Turnround Coordinator

Mode: Part Time

Offered by: G2ACAMAS Training Academy

Duration: 4 Month(s)

Requirements: School Certificate

Awarded by: G2ACAMAS

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