Brevet de Technicien (BT) mécanique Automobile

The technical subjects in the field of study are in French medium and are as follows: Carburation/Injection (Fuel systems, Carburator, Injection system), Allumage & Mise au Point (Ignition systems/ Engine Trouble Diagnosis and Tune-up), Moteur & Métrologie (Engine Fundamentals/ Metrology) etc… The course will be run at Lycéw Polytechnique.

Entry requirements

At least Form V or equivalent with an advantage for applicants with science or technical subjects. (Between 16 and 22 years old.)

Brevet de Technicien (BT) mécanique Automobile

Mode: Full Time

Offered by: MITD

Duration: 3 Year(s)

Requirements: School Certificate

Awarded by: MITD/MES

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