Automotive Electricity and Electronics NC3

  • Demonstrate knowledge of protecting vehicle electronics when servicing or repairing a vehicle or machine in the motor industry Create out automotive series-parallel circuits, and calculate values of power in automotive circuit. Demonstrate knowledge of the automotive battery Service an automotive battery Demonstrate knowledge of wiring and wiring diagrams used in automotive circuits Demonstrate knowledge of automotive lighting systems, and headlamp adjustment Demonstrate knowledge of automotive lighting requirements and lighting circuit diagnosis Remove and replace motor vehicle lamps in the motor industry Rectify simple vehicle lighting faults, and adjust vehicle lamps Carry out automotive wiring repairs and replace a wiring circuit Install electrical accessories in vehicles, and test for and rectify faults Demonstrate knowledge of windscreen wiper and headlamp cleaning systems Demonstrate knowledge of electronic components and their application in the automotive industry Identify, remove and replace a vehicle or machine wiring harness sub- assembly Demonstrate knowledge of integrated electronic devices, multiplexing, and microprocessors in the motor industry Dismantle, clean, and store vehicle mechanical, electrical, and electronic components Demonstrate knowledge in automotive starting system Diagnose and rectify faults in light vehicle starting system Perform minor servicing on a starter Service an automotive starting system Overhaul starter motors from vehicles Automotive Charging system Demonstrate knowledge in automotive charging Demonstrate knowledge of inductance, capacitors and chokes, and alternating current used in automotive applications Demonstrate knowledge of the operation and testing of automotive alternators and alternator controls Demonstrate knowledge of overhauling automotive alternators Diagnose and rectify faults in light vehicle charging system Perform minor servicing on an alternator Service an automotive charging systems and their operation Automotive Ignition system Demonstrate knowledge of contact breaker (CB) system Demonstrate knowledge of automotive electronic ignition system operation Diagnose and rectify faults in a conventional ´┐Ż type electronic ignition system on an engine Overhaul an ignition distributor Demonstrate knowledge of automotive air conditioning and servicing Prepare to test, test and diagnose faults in an automotive air conditioning system Demonstrate knowledge of vehicle climate control systems Demonstrate knowledge of vehicle emission control system Apply ethics pledge within his/her workplace Participate in groups and/or teams to gather ideas and information Read texts for practical purposes Perform calculations for the workplace Draw and interpret engineering sketches and drawings under supervision
  • nassociated Studies: 1.Communicate Effectively through written and verbal modes. 2.Perform basic mathematical operations ralated to the course 3.Apply principles of technical drafting related to the course. 4.Work Ethics 5.Safety and heal requirements 6.Entrepreneurship 7.Information Technology 8.Environmental Studies

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Entry requirements
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Should have successfully completed form III OR Have completed the NTC foundation Course OR Have an equivalent qualification acceptable to the MITD.

*Apprenticeship Scheme

Automotive Electricity and Electronics NC3

Mode: Full Time

Offered by: MITD

Duration: 1 Year(s)

Requirements: Form 3

Awarded by: Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)

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