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Canada is a multicultural country with its citizens originating from countries all around the world. Canada’s main languages are English and French. Canada is a land of opportunity, with options for immigrants to excel and achieve their career goals in any field of their choice.

The degree you would earn in Canada is recognized all over the world and will be of great benefit to your future career. There are rigorous quality control and high standards to ensure you will earn a high quality degree. 

The quality of education and living standards in Canada are amongst the highest in the world and comparing the prices with other countries means there is excellent value for money in these universities. 



Visa requirements

Please find below more information about visa application fees, visa Processing time and Financial Requirement :

Visa Application Fees : CAD 125

Visa Processing Time : Processing time for Student Visa is 6-8 weeks. Applications must be lodged 3 months or earlier prior to applicants’ date of departure.

Financial Requirement : Student should be able to demonstrate the ability to finance the course and living expenses for at least one year in Canada. 

* The information above may be subject to change. Please refer to for the most up to date information


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Cost of living

Canada has a comparatively low cost of living compared to many European and Other countries. Students have an advantage that they can work legally in Canada while studying, helping cover their tuition, and other expenses.

Immigration options

Student applicants can immigrate to Canada under the following program:


Study Permit – Authorization and Entry Visa to Canada to study in a Post Secondary Program of your choice. Students have legal status to work while studying in Canada, to help cover tuition and living expenses.  Once graduated, Study Permit holders can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit, and work up to three years with any employer of their choice. After completing one year of skilled work experience, applicants can be eligible to apply for PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada.

Mauritians who wish to have more information about the immigration options please contact Mrs Feroza JOOMAYE who represents Arrivals Immigration Consultancy. Email : / Mob : 57563626

Arrivals Canada Immigration Consultancy delivers Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Services as members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).


Find below consulates contact informations:


Consulate of Mauritius in Canada

2918 Southmore Drive East
Ottawa, ON, Canada
+1 613-737-7322

Consulate of Canada in Mauritius

18 Jules Koenig Street
Port Louis
+230 212 5500

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