If you do need to arrange your own transportation, be sure to do so well in advance. Usually the best time to book an air ticket is around 60 days prior to departure. Statistically this is the time when air fares are the lowest.

Airlines do offer specific fares for Students. To obtain such fare, the travel agents requires

You should bear in mind, even though you may not know when you want to return home, you will probably have to purchase a return ticket and pay a surcharge to change your return ticket. Some airlines do allow one free change for students. It’s best to consult your travel agent for all details.

Should you be flying with Air Mauritius, it’s good to know, your parents and one sibling will get 25% discount when they accompany you to the start of your first academic year or to your graduation.

Should you need accommodation at your destination before you can move in your student accommodation or should you plan a little discovery trip before your studies commence, youth hostels are something you may want to consider. Hostels are much cheaper than hotels and can range from dormitory-style room to private rooms. But be at the lookout of what their restrictions are. Some hostels impose curfews, require you to bring your own bedding or limit your stay to a certain number of nights. Other accommodations such as bed-and-breakfasts, pensions, budget hotels or self-catering apartments can be a good value for money options as well.

Once you are there you will need to get around. Since, you are planning to study abroad, it is safe to assume that you have the courage to put yourself in unfamiliar situations, and therefore it goes without saying you will most likely want to see and get the most out of where you are. Traveling by train and public transport is a fantastic way to travel from one main city hub to another. However, if you are looking to be able to get out to the vineyards of France or to visit the Bavarian countryside of Germany, then traveling by car in Europe is a viable option. Try not to wait until you are at your destination to decide you want a vehicle.

The Itineris team can help you with your accommodation and car rentals at your destination. 

Get an International Drivers Permit. Although it is not necessary to have this in all countries, it can save you some headaches if the time arises when you do need one. These act in supplement to your own current driver’s license, they do not replace them. Permits can be obtained at the Police Headquarters at the Casernes police station in Port Louis for Rs 1,000. Documents to be produced:

In many countries, rail travel is probably the most widely used mode of transportation. Buying a Rail-Pass prior to your departure can greatly reduce your costs. Rail-passes and single journey train tickets can be obtained from Itineris. Train-passes usually offer unlimited travel for a specific amount of time. Just as there are special airfares for students, there are also special rail passes for students available.

One last advice, Travel Light. Keep in mind that, for most international flights, you are allowed to check only two pieces of luggage. Some airlines have restrictions for the weight of each piece of luggage; check before you pack. Some airlines offer special extra luggage allowance when a student air fare is purchased. But this can vary greatly from airline to airline.  

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