Going to study abroad is not easy is 2 different ways.Fisrt of all, you will leave your family & friends and on the oher hand, this is not easy as there is a lot of procedures before having your resident permit. Below find the steps to follow when applying for your visa & permits.

Course Information

If you are interested in any course offered in the below institutions in Mauritius, you will need to provide some documents to be able to apply for the course.

First of all, you will need to fill in an International Application form and submits it together with a copy of your passport, 3 passport-sized photos, a copy of your national ID and birth certificate, copies of all your academic transcripts and certificates, and an application fee to the institutions.

Once application is approved, you will be provided with an Offer letter, Invoice and a Payment Plan.  However, if you are not eligible, you will be informed accordingly and will be directed to other courses if of any interest.


Student Visa Application

What is a Student Visa?

It is a permit that allows eligible non-citizen to enter, stay & study in Mauritius either on a Fulltime or part-time basis in any tertiary educational institution recognized by either the TEC (Tertiary Education Commission) or the MQA (Mauritius Qualification Authority).

Who is eligible to come & study in Mauritius?

As per visa requirements, payments for the first year of the course must be made in full at the start of the course.

Once payment is in, we will ask International applicant to submit below documents for visa application:

1.Application form to enter Mauritius

2.Original Bank Statement bearing the signature of the Bank Officer and seal of the Bank as proof that he/she has enough funds to cover all expenses while in Mauritius (Estimated amount $275 per month)

3.Proof of accommodation during his/her stay in Mauritius; either letter from friend or relative or copy of lease agreement signed by landlord

4.Copy of passport

5.Signed offer letter

6.3 Passport-sized photographs (In hard copy, to be sent via courier)

Documents needed from institutions to support visa application:

  1. Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) / Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) course accreditation for the course applied.

Application should be made by the Passport & Immigration office by the respective tertiary education institution where the you are enrolled in.


In case you do not have any relative or friend residing in Mauritius you need to make a request for help in searching for an accommodation to us and the institution. The International Coordinator of the institution and us will then send you a list of landlords’ contact details for you to contact. The sharing houses/studios of the landlords are visited by the International Coordinator of the institutions as well as us. You and the landlord discuss the terms and you will be provided with a lease agreement from landlord. 

Once all documents are ready, they are submitted to the Passport & Immigration Office for visa application by the institution itself. Visa application process normally takes at least 8 weeks. Once the visa is ready, the institution collects same from Passport & Immigration Office.

The visa received will be a Temporary Visa of 3 months. This will be scanned and sent to you so you will be able to enter Mauritius.

When you come to Mauritius

Upon arrival in Mauritius, if you do not have anyone to pick you up from the airport, the institution might do necessary to provide you with transport which is payable. 

Once you are in Mauritius you will have to provide a medical certificate issued by any private Laboratory/Clinic/Hospital in Mauritius certifying s/he is not suffering from any of the below diseases. Medical certificate is to be handed over to Passport and Immigration Office personally by student within one month as from the date of arrival in Mauritius. 



2.Hepatitis B

3.Chest infection

If all 3 tests are negative, you will be provided with your student visa for a period that covers the course duration.  In case you suffer from any above infection your provisional visa will automatically be cancelled and you will be required to leave Mauritius within 2 weeks.

If ever, during the course duration, you want to change your accommodation, the International Coordinator will help you, and you will have to give the institution with a new lease agreement. Any change in student’s contact number, email address or residential address should be communicated to the institution on the email of the institution immediately. 

International Students need to have a strong record of attendance in classes as institutions do report to the local Regulators: Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) or Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

Conditions applicable for grant a residence permit(trainee)

You as a trainee who received the residence permit will not be allowed to draw any salary or wages in Mauritius. However, the organization or company could give you a stipend.

The institution’s staff are always here to assist all international students with any queries they might have. You may contact your International Coordinator, Course Coordinator, Personal Tutor, or any other Administrative staff.

 General Information:

  1. Tourist Visa does not allow a non-citizen to follow studies /training courses.

  2. If you have acted in contravention to any laws of Mauritius or given any false or misleading information at the time of application, that means that you do not satisfy the criteria & conditions of the visa or permit so, your student visa or residence permit will be cancelled.

  3. Please find below list of institutions on the websites below:


      iv. Application form:


       v. Student Visa:

       vi. Contact Information:

 Address: Passport and Immigration Office (Residence Permit Section)

     8th Floor, Sterling House, 9-11 Lislet Geoffroy Street, Port-Louis

     Tel: +(230) 210 9319 and +(230) 210 9312

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