Here are few exam tips that could help you to revise and pass your exams.

Do Flash Cards

Flash cards are great ways to remember definitions or equations.

On one side you need to write the word/result and on the other side you will write the definition or meaning/ equation.

With the flash card you will have to write the definition / equation once which will get a in your brain and next you need to go through the flash cards several time. This way you will remember the definition or equation easily.

Practice test/exercise as much as you can

Practice makes perfect that’s what every parents tells to their children, and they are right.

Practice exercises or test of the same type will help you understand clearly what is asked by you and how to solve the problem or how to answer the question and as well you will be able to remember more easily.

Cut All distractions

This may work for most of the students. Put your phone away from where you are studying and put your phone on airplane mode so that the notifications do not cut your concentration. And remove everything that could interrupt your concentration. If you want to see a serial for example, go and watch it so that your mind is not thinking of “Oh I will miss my serial” and that you are not focused at all. Go and watch it and then come back to your study area and focus on what needs to be done.

For those you need to be cut of the world, or who like to listen to music, put some music in background and concentrate you on your work and stay focused.

 Highlight important details

How to highlight in your text book or copy book? Highlight only the important sentences / equation. This way when you will do your revision, you will only go through the highlighted ones so that you don’t waste your time to read every paragraphs.

Take Breaks

Take a 5 mins break between each hour. This will help you to disconnect with your studies. Take short breaks such as going to drink a glass of water/ or a walk around the house / breath some fresh air/take a healthy snack and go back to study.

Create your own time table

It is important to organize your day, you need to be fair with all your subjects or modules, give you the equal time to study. Even you prefer one module/ subject you need to work the same amount of time for all subjects/modules. Plan your day for example if on Monday your got one subject/module at school and what you will have to do your homework back home, do not revise this same subject/modules on that day. Learn another subject/module so that you learn every modele/subject equally