If you have been contacted by a company for an interview, be prepared!
How to get prepared:
- Make sure that you have read and understood the job description and that you know the main responsibilities attached to the position
- See how your previous job experience can match to the job in order to discuss it during the interview.
- Show some interest in the company. Look for information concerning the main activity of the company and its environment. Do not hesitate to look for the website online, or to ask people around you for more information.
- Have all the required documents ready – CV, qualifications, letter of recommendation.
- Dress professionally.
- Get organized on the day of the interview. DO NOT BE LATE. Be sure to know in advance, the exact place where you need to go. Do not hesitate to call the company if you have any doubts about its location. Take all factors into consideration, leave early and be on time!
And finally, relax, speak clearly and Good Luck!

- Tips=> Bring 2 copies of your CV & Certificate diploma ect…  + Bring the original too. Enquiry how many persons e will be attending the meeting/interview and bring the exact number of CV copies.

Be careful of your presentation => clothes + make up + gestures.

Get prepared to showcase yourself in your job description, what are your working experience + skills for this specific vacancy, what are your positive/negative points for this vacancy.

Do some search on google, LinkedIn, the company’s website… and try to have a photo of your interviewer..

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