- Always make sure that the contact details provided are correct. You can edit your personal details anytime if there is a change of address or contact number.
- The recruiter needs to be able to contact you easily and will probably always try the Mobile Phone number first. Be sure to provide the correct number.
- It’s better to insert a photo in your CV. Please select a professional photo, such as a passport photo.

  1. - List all your academic qualifications
    - Make sure to include the year, the institution and the qualification title.
    - If you are completing a diploma/degree, you can add it to your CV but it is important to mention the year that the course will be completed, and you may also add (In Completion) next to the course title. In such case, do not forget to edit your CV when the course is completed.
    - If you have been enrolled in a course which was not fully completed, you may add it to your CV but it is very important to mention: Not Completed. Listing an Academic Qualification as completed when not, is false information.
    - In certain fields, it may be important to provide academic results. For ACCA students, list the papers completed only. If you have not undertaken any tertiary education, listing your SC and HSC results may be important.
    - Tips=>Insert your subjects, results, honors you had for each academic qualifications - Recruiters will much appreciate to know the subjects details.

- List your working experience in the right order. The most recent working experience always needs to be on the top of the list.
- Always provide the dates and years for each job.
- Make sure that your job title corresponds to the job title that was provided to you by the company.
- List your job responsibilities for each job. It is very important that your provide maximum information concerning your skills, competencies and responsibilities in previous jobs. Keep your information clear, short and precise.
- Select the right job category for each position.

- Tips=>Mention if it is student job, internship, part time job, summer job, ….

- List the languages that you know and select attentively your level for each language - very fluent, fluent, basic level, written only or spoken only.


- In this section, you can insert a list of hobbies, interests and achievements.
- Do not copy paste a word document CV in this section! It will only appear as unstructured and confusing information.

- Every time you apply for a job/stage/part time job on the website, you will be given the option to insert an application letter. An application letter does not need to be long and simply needs to say why you are interested in that particular position. This is optional. However, explaining your motivation will be an advantage to your candidature.

- Tips=>Need to be short - 2 paragraphs maximum.

1 step => Why this job suits you more than another student - Why this job is interesting for you?

2 step => What will be your contribution/benefits for this company – How your skills will be an asset to the company?

ALWAYS finish your letter with a “polite phrase / letter ending” – thanking for the interest that the person will spend on your CV, and request of appointment.

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