Why choosing chemical and environmental engineering as study?

by keshav soomaree

Posted on 05 March 2015

When i first registered for the course of chemical and environmental engineering at the university of Mauritius, one of the frequently asked question was "Why choosing this particular subject".

Well personally the environment is of great concern to me, specially nowadays with the gradual depletion of our ecosystem. Since child i was fascinated by the nature; forest; rivers; sea. I witnessed how these beauties deteriorated in front of me from childhood till now. I wanted to act to reduce these.

However, as time moved and my experience in chemical engineering grew, i realised it's not just a matter of saving the nature. I learnt that nature has its own regeneration factor.

So the basic aim of the environmental engineer is to find a sustainable way to use our new technologies while at the same time causing the minimum negative impact for the environment to such a way that it does not affect the regenerating faculty of the nature.

Consequently, the population moves in a more sustainable and ecological standard of living as we adapt ourselves to our environment.                                                                                                                    (KESHAV)