Visa for South Africa

by Yannick Pilot

Posted on 06 February 2015


First of all, you will have to translate your school leaving exam results ( if it is from a french system ) and it must be certified by a notary "etude". Afterwards, you will have to send that certified copy to the Matriculation Board in Pretoria ( if asked by your school ). Once you've received it from the Matriculation Board, you take to the Embassy of SA in Port Louis to process with your visa. They will tell which documents to bring along. Don't make the mistake some students do, they apply for a visa which is valid only one year, which will end up in redoing the process all over again. Apply for a visa which will be valid for the duration of your degree. Furthermore, a deposit of RS 15 000 is needed for the visa to be processed. However, the student will be able to get back the deposit after a year or two. He will have to bring along his passport and the receipt of the deposit.