Life in Perth
by Francois Audibert
I applied for my visa in Mauritius and I needed to bring the university acceptation letter, proof of accommodation, bank statements together with the application for the visa, and it took around one month for me to obtain my visa. In order to finance my studies, I took a student...see more
19 January 2015
Life in Australia
by Vasisht Seetapah
I am studying a BsC in Natural Science at Edith Cowan University (ECU). I have always been interested in environmental science and it was a degree that will enable me to later work in this field. I am specializing in Conservation Biology and Marine Sciences. One of the best feature...see more
18 January 2015
La vie à Paris
by Ann Onyme
La première année je suis allé dans un foyer. Le foyer international des étudiants dans le 5ème  arrondissement de Paris. Puis de la 2ème à la 4ème année je suis allée en appartement. Les frais mensuels variaient entre 500 et 700 euros sachant qu’en France l’état rembourse une petite partie...see more
18 January 2015