Why choosing chemical and environmental engineering as study?
by keshav soomaree
When i first registered for the course of chemical and environmental engineering at the university of Mauritius, one of the frequently asked question was "Why choosing this particular subject". Well personally the environment is of great concern to me, specially nowadays with the gradual depletion of our ecosystem. Since child i was fascinated...see more
05 March 2015
Civil Engineering at Rushmore Business School
by Indianna
It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. The faculty of Civil Engineering were very knowledgeable and helpful. I have acquired various desirable work skills that are essential to have in today's competitive job market. The staffs are very open, supportive and do their best to help students become critical thinkers and to develop as individuals....see more
20 January 2015
My academic journey
by Francois Audibert
I heard about Curtin University from my friends in Mauritius. After doing some research on this university, I found out that it was very well located with plenty of space. It is also considered as the biggest university in Western Australia with a total number of students well over the...see more
19 January 2015