Studying in Mauritius

by Ann Auneem

Posted on 16 January 2015

I heard about the University of Mauritius (UoM) during career guidance fairs and my friends heard about it there too. There’s a lot of facilities for the students, for instance, free wi-fi, libraries, student corner where we can play cards, domino, pool etc. As an athlete having a gymnasium is a big plus. There are lots of groups and sports team that we can join, so it’s not only about academics.

I am pursuing the BA in French degree because French is one of my two passions (volleyball being the other one! Another reason why I like UOM). Also I want to be either an interpreter or a teacher. Either way I want my career to be around this language. I actually like all the program’s features but I am not too fond of the group works and assignments.

I’m in the volleyball team of the University. Since I had other commitments outside university, I didn’t want to join any other clubs, but maybe this year I’ll do so. On average I spend around Rs1 500 but I often exceed this limit, unfortunately for my purse.

Regarding the phone companies, I have always used Orange and have never had any problems with it. As for transportation, I usually use the bus and in rare cases, I’ll use taxis. I have never had any problems on the bus and I always travel with a friend whilst using a taxi just to be on the safe side. I am not sure how much I spend on transportation but it’s a minimum of Rs. 200 a month.

Some of my favorite spots in Mauritius are Albion, Tamarin and all the other beaches, yep I love the sea! As for restaurants, some of my favorite are Les Caprices de Gervais, Hennessy, Boulette palace, and King Pizza, whereas for clubs, I would recommend Les Enfants Terribles, OMG and Insomnia. One of my favorite place to visit is Curious Corner in Chamarel, and also this area in general. I spend around Rs.2000 a month on entertainment but it varies on the different parties that I go to.