Pre-departure to Australia

by Vasisht Seetapah

Posted on 18 January 2015

After I had decided to go to Australia to finish my studies, I contacted OVEC agency to choose a suitable university for me. Having been accepted to the program, I had no difficulty in obtaining a visa. The visa is valid for the duration of the degree and OVEC did all the administrative work for me. There is the possibility of migrating to Australia after your studies depending on the degree that you pursue. You can find the list at the following address:

Edith Cowan University has amazing laboratories and research facilities. The professors are very friendly, helpful and highly qualified. In addition, I believe that they have a soft spot for Mauritian students. I also want to add that the university is beautiful with a lake, a pub, and several campus all gathered closed to each other. The university is ideally located close to the beach as well as next to the Joondalup Shopping Centre.