Life in Perth

by Francois Audibert

Posted on 19 January 2015

I applied for my visa in Mauritius and I needed to bring the university acceptation letter, proof of accommodation, bank statements together with the application for the visa, and it took around one month for me to obtain my visa. In order to finance my studies, I took a student loan from the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) with a guarantee (title deed of my parents’ house). 

I spent on average $500 on personal expenses a month. Having used Vodafone as my cellular operator, I would recommend this company for students going to study in Perth. I would also recommend using the National Australia Bank (NAB) and they requested your student card and a proof of address in order to open your bank account.

I managed to find accommodation online, and together with some housemates, we rented a house. The monthly cost of accommodation was around $500. With regards to transportation, the bus service is very efficient in Perth and I also purchased a car online for $2500. As a result, my monthly expenses on transportation was around $100. In order to help cover the expenses, one of the best ways to raise some money is to have a part-time job. It is very easy to find jobs and it can pay an average of $400/week. With this money, you can make trips around Australia as well as to neighboring countries (I went to Bali).