Life in Australia

by Vasisht Seetapah

Posted on 18 January 2015

I am studying a BsC in Natural Science at Edith Cowan University (ECU). I have always been interested in environmental science and it was a degree that will enable me to later work in this field. I am specializing in Conservation Biology and Marine Sciences. One of the best feature about this program is that it is mostly geared towards the practical side of the study, especially Australian wildlife. Australia is one of the only continents where you can be exposed to a tropical, temperate and desert climates. However one of the biggest challenges that I have faced is that it is such a vast field that the studies are dispersed all over the country. 

I am currently living in Perth at my uncle's place but I will be moving into an apartment at the beginning of the semester. I was able to find an apartment online ( The average monthly cost for an apartment varies from city to city but in Perth I would say that it is around $800. The transport system in Perth is very well organized through Transperth, a company that covers buses, train, and ferries. There are preferential fees for students and it varies from 80c to $3 per ride. I would spend a maximum of $100 a month on transportation. However, I recently purchased a car which I found at the local dealership, which I paid $2000 but it is possible to find a car for around $500. 

I play Rugby at the university and it's a great way to meet people and experience Aussie culture. Some of my favorite restaurants in Perth are La Petite Ardoise (where I would recommend speaking French to them…it can lead to a free glass of wine ;)), Hawker’s Cuisine, and The Merrywell. I really enjoy going to Burswood and Northridge to chill and have a good time. My favorite clubs in Perth are Universal Pub and Air. Road trips are highly recommended in Australia as it will enable you to experience the countryside and beaches. Here’s a fun fact for you, if you were to visit a beach a day in the whole of Australia, it would take you 27 years to visit all of them. It is important to obtain a proof of age card in order to avoid bringing your passport everywhere you go.

I opened a bank account at Commbank upon my arrival in Perth and they have provided me with good services until now. In order to open a bank account, I had to provide my student ID card and my passport. It is possible to obtain a part-time job through and it is possible to work a maximum of 20 hours/week during the semester, and unlimited hours off-semester.