Leaving school

Welcome!!  You have recently received your final result. What is the next step?


      1.Where to start

You are right at the very beginning of your search, what and where to study? This career path is a simple guide to help you go through each important step that you need to think of to start your search and help you make the right choice! Good luck  

2. What to study?

You may have many questions and doubts about your future studies! This is normal and there is no need to panic at this stage. Visit istudy.mu, this web site has been developed to help you learn about studies, compare the different options and hopefully make your right choice. If you need any help send us a request.


   3. Careers fairs

There are many open days and educational fairs that are organized throughout the year either at schools or at public places. It is important to visit them, meet and interact with all institutions and universities. You should prepare a list of questions and make sure to receive your answers. Please check our exhibition calendar to know the different dates and venues.


      4. Budget

Very often finance remains the biggest issue when making your choice of studies! The cost of studying varies enormously on the choice of subject, Universities as well as the countries! It is important to know the budget that each of us can afford and to search accordingly. Check all cost of courses as well as compare by countries.

      5. Scholarships

There are many scholarships which are offered by different Universities and institutions. You should search for scholarships which should help you finance your studies! Check our section on the full list of scholarships available.

       6. Where to go?

You should inform yourself in advance about the country. Each country is different and has its own requirements, you should carefully get informed about all visa requirements and procedures, permits, documents that you need and mainly how long does it take to get clearance.

       7. Which Uni?

It is very important to make sure you look at the overall ranking of the universities you will choose. Is the university recognized as well as the course you will be doing? Read reviews, blogs, ranking, references and any other source which can confirm the validity of the University.


      8. Application and interviews

It is also good to apply to more than one University so as to get better chances to be accepted. You should get prepared for interviews as well as some Universities might meet before final approval! Visit our tips under ‘Stage’ section to learn how to do an interview as well as to write a personal statement when submitting you application?


       9. Accommodation

Upon application approval, you must start looking for accommodation. Normally the University will help and advise you. However, references and reviews also remain very important.


Internships are very useful. Gaining a maximum of working experience during your studies can only be beneficial. Visit our full list of internships offers and apply directly.